Stefan Meier: Bass, Voice
Marcel Hunecke: Guitar, Voice
Bastian Bötel: Drums

Hi !

You too? Of course you know, that there are more sensible things to do than to sit in front of the computer and to surf in the Internet in the evening. For example to go to an underground concert or to meet with people in a pub. But, as you are here: Welcome to the home-page of Hirncut Music (Brainschnitt-Musik).

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Terremoto Party has existed since 1988. Then it was still under the name Pancreas and they had a vocalist with a wave-deep voice. Musically they were orientated on punk musik. There were, however, so many other influences that Terremoto Party has never been a pure punk band. As they never wanted to copy any other bands, they had the lucky situation right from the start to create their own sound. At some point in 1989, not only the bandname changed but the vocalist, too - now they had one with a high voice and with a certain tendency towards Iggy Pop and pop music. Added to the noisy beginnings of the band, now there were melodic structures in the songs which means, that the pieces of music became songs. Influences of Grunge and melodic „Westcoast"-Hardcore also changed the musical image of Terremoto Party.

Shortly before the first recordings to the first CD (1992), the band suddenly lost their singer. With a record contract at hand something had to happened and the decision was not to use up a third vocalist. So they decided to become a trio and quickly the newly arranged material which was published by RMF/ Frankfurt (see discographie), was recorded. With the name of the CD, now the name of the music of Terremoto Party was born too: HIRNCUT (Brainschnitt). Impressed by the very good spartanic productions of the SUB POP label a rough sounded CD without any fancy work was created. Not only soundwise the CD became very grungy.

Unfortunately the cooperation with the label RMF came to an unruly end , it is always a bad thing when the label manager goes undercover because of his debts. Of course this had to happen shortly before the recordings of the second CD and a studio which was booked before suddenly wasn`t booked at all. The best you can do in such situations is to develop a thick skin. Terremoto Party rented a studio on their own accord and recorded their second CD in 1993.

The problem of distribution was solved by founding the home label HIRNCUT MUSIC. „Infermezzo" (see discographie) put Punk-Rock and Hardcore back into the centre. On the whole, the music had become more dense and tougher where at the same time the melodic parts were worked out more. After publishing some samplers (see discographie), in the middle of `95 the third CD was recorded. Egotopia consequently follows its predecessors.

After the release of the critic's favorite 'Infermezzo' Terremoto Party still have developed further musically more komplex and hit orientated, but not calmer, the band furthermore counts on the enrgieng power of distorted guitars. One will see what the future will bring. Anyhow one can count on TP not getting calm. A lot of new songmaterial is being collected and it is only a question of time that one day you'll find a reference to a fourth CD here. Nevertheless you shouldn't forget that a live gig is always the best way to enjoy to enrgetic music, even without digital sound. And if TP doesn't play in your area, go to other underground concerts. Make something of the underground movement. As, ladies and gentelmaen, this is where the band plays.